Utility Option
Camrose Energy believes in providing stable and affordable electricity to Camrose and area as well as other Alberta communities.  Are you looking for service with the LOCAL ADVANTAGE?
What You Can

Guaranteed Rates

Our guaranteed rates bring you security and peace of mind. They take the guesswork out of month to month fluctuations and potential market volatility.

Our Green Energy Rate

Camrose Energy is a partnered with Green Energy Alberta.  When you purchase Renewable Energy Certificates you are assisting in the greening of the grid.  You can Green as little or as much as you want.  The cost to green/kWh is 1.66¢.

Micro Generation Rate

This is intended to be a seasonal rate for micro generation producers who produce more than they consume.  You will get compensated at a rate of 12.5¢/kWh.  As a Microgen producer you need to know how much of your needs are compared to your consumption.  You will also be charged at a rate of 12.5¢/kWh for any electricity you import to your home.  This is definitely advantageous for large system users who eport more than they use during the summer months.  It is important to monitor the rate throughout the season, to ensure it is still a beneficial rate to be on.   As the days shorten and you use more from the grid.  This would not be the most economical rate.

* All Rates Guaranteed until the end of December 2023

* Admin Fees are $5.90/month

** We pay 5% interest per annum on security –This is paid out monthly on your electricity bill

You will require your SITE ID to sign up.

It is a 13 digit number unique to your home. If you cannot find it on an existing bill enter your address with town here.

We also guarantee you a risk free experience:

Paperless billing

Direct Withdrawals

No sign up fees

No cancellation fees