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The cost is affordable at 1.66 cents/kWh

Download and complete the application:  CLICK HERE

Email your application to or fax it to (403) 265-7290

Or, just email us or phone (866) 436-6518 and let us know what percentage of your monthly usage of electricity you would like to green. We will complete the application paperwork on your behalf and send you back notification of confirmation. It is just that easy!

Camrose Energy is located in Camrose and is a competitive electricity and natural gas retailer for residential and small commercial customers in Alberta. Customers of Camrose Energy now have the power to take part in Alberta's Climate Change initiatives. Together we can encourage the development of regional renewable energy resources.




How will the cost of Green Energy be calculated?

You are in control. Simply let us know the percentage (%) of your monthly consumption that you want to green. Each month we will apply this percentage to your actual billed consumption (kWh multiplied by the percentage you want to green). The cost per kWh of green energy is 1.66 cents per kWh.

How much should I green?

Green what you can afford, anywhere from 1 to 100% On the grid in Alberta today, approximately 70% is produced by Coal Generators. Only green what you are comfortable with and can afford. Use the calculator to estimate the cost.

How much will it cost?

As an example, if an average residential consumer uses 600 kWh per month and greens 25% of the of his monthly consumption, it would cost about 8 cents per day. This program is 100% voluntary. If you can afford more, you can increase the percentage – even less is ok, too. Every bit helps green the grid.

How will I be billed?

As a customer of Camrose Energy, you will find a separate line item under the heading of Green Alberta Energy on your monthly invoice statement. The cost of the Green Energy, based on the percentage you chose, will simply be added to your existing monthly retail electricity bill. There is no separate invoice and the green portion is paid together with your regular monthly pre-authorized payment.

Does my purchase mean I'm using renewable energy to power my home or business?

Not directly. Your purchase guarantees that clean, renewable energy is being placed onto the electric grid, raising the percentage of renewable energy used overall.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, not at all. This is an agreement that tells us the percentage of your monthly usage of electricity that you want to green. You can change the percentage monthly (10 days prior to the normal billing period). Increase, decrease or cancel.

What are the administration fees?

None for existing customers of the registered retailers operating in partnership with Green Alberta Energy as part of our commitment to Climate Change. Zero is good!

Who is Green Alberta Energy?

Green Alberta Energy, is an operating division of Utility Network & Partners (UTILITYnet) and is in partnership with Camrose Energy. All the monthly consumer billing for Camrose Energy is processed and managed by UTILITYnet. We have aggregated the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates across a number of retailers which has allowed Camrose Energy to offer you the very best Green Energy rate in the industry.

Help make our future green

Through Green Alberta Energy and in partnership with Camrose Energy, by opting to buy Green Energy (Renewable Energy Certificates, RECs – ECOLOGO Certified) you will help promote and sustain existing renewable energy facilities and encourage others to build.

The ultimate goal is to decarbonize the grid with fossil free and renewable energy. Climate Change is real and together we can make a difference by investing in a variety of environmental friendly energy sources such as Bio Power, Wind and Solar Micro Generation.

Buying Green RECs is a simple way to make a significant difference.