LED rebate program has twofold benefits

The LED instant rebate at the cash register rebate program is in effect until June 11.   Thinking of switching out those incandescent lights?  Participating retailers are selling  LED lights with a $3.00 instant rebate.  The LED will cost you $1.  There is a transaction limit of 25.  The energy efficiency program is estimated to cost $645 million dollars paid by the carbon levy.


Your Savings

There will be instant savings on your electricity bills.  The average home has 40 light bulbs.  The savings on home consumption averages $4 when switching to LED light bulbs.  The household savings will be $160 per year.  That is a quick payback on your investment.


Provincial Savings

The Alberta government is moving toward phasing out coal generation by 2030.  There are currently 18 coal plants.  Of these 12 are slated to be decommissioned.  The provincial government has the intent to phase out of coal generation.  They do not want electricity prices to increase as we move forward.  


If 60% of Albertans participate in this program and switch to LED lights, it will replace the capacity of a $500 million, 300 MW coal plant that won’t need replacing.  Reducing demand is the same as increasing capacity.  If we all do our part to reduce the amount of electricity we us, we will all benefit from lower electricity prices.

The goal of this rebate program is to reduce consumption, plain and simple!  

This will result in less demand for generation. 

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