Opening your natural gas bill can leave you in shock and disbelief. You look at your account and think, this couldn’t possibly be right. How can my bill be so high? Did my bill increase by $100 last month?home-2006023_640

Many Albertans are concerned about their natural gas bills and don’t know why the bill is so high.

There are several contributing factors that determine the price of your gas bill. What you need to do first, is think back and remember what happened in the last month. Was it colder than normal last month? What was the cost of natural gas last month? When you know what to look for, you can begin to see where all these costs are coming from.

At Camrose Energy, we reviewed what was happening in the last couple of months. These are the main factors that added to your high natural gas bill:

    1. The winter months can provide cold snaps that drive-up usage and increase your bill. Ask yourself, are you consuming more due to seasonal factors?

    2. The Carbon Levy tax came into effect in Alberta January 1, 2017. Your bill will now see an increase in $1.001/GJ. For an average household that consumes 120 GJ/year (as per Alberta Energy), you will see an increase of about $10/month to your bill. Depending on your billing cycle, you may have only seen a partial month of the carbon tax on your last bill, so expect the full tax next bill.

    3. Regulated fees increased in December and January. Regulatory fees vary from month to month and are calculated based on consumption. The increase in consumption results in an increase in what these fees are.

    4. The Atco Gas delivery charge increased last month. Atco Gas’ variable rates increased as well.

    5. The cost of natural gas affects your bill. In January, we saw a small increase that bumped up monthly bills.

We all want to keep our gas bills down. Some factors are within our control and some aren’t. For more information about your bill, contact Camrose Energy for a complimentary, no pressure bill analysis. We review your current bill and determine what you could have saved with Camrose Energy.

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